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How to contribute
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You'd be amazed how much of what you consider common knowledge is new and provocative to others. What you dismiss as matters of only local interest may well be vital to someone else far away. Think about contributing the following:

News from the bench: Found something interesting? Let us know! There are few predators in our field, and the best way to keep it that way is to cast your vote for the open exchange of ideas. And what better way to solicit helpful comments from your colleagues?

Summary of your thesis: As sad as it may seem, very few people will ever read the magnum opus over which you've shed blood. Tell us your story, and use this as an opportunity to join the active discussion in our community.

Announcements/requests: Looking for a strain? Just published a book? Have a post-doc position available? Let it be known!

Change of life: You may think that your change of jobs or upcoming visit to another lab is of interest only to yourself. Wrong. We want to know, too, partly because it makes our world more interesting and partly because if we only knew you were there we would... who knows?

Summary of a meeting: You just came back from an interesting meeting. Think of all of us who couldn't go! Don't wait to be invited, send us your thoughts on a few of the most interesting presentations (an excellent way to preserve what you gained). What if someone else does the same? Not likely, but if so, the meeting probably deserves the attention, and both offerings will be sewn together to form a pleasing whole.

Notice of a future meeting: I hardly ever get any announcements. If notice of an upcoming meeting is going to appear in this newsletter, it's because someone like you thought to pass on the news.

Worried about your English? Don't! The CyanoNews staff stands ready to help your ideas find the expression they deserve.

Bottom line: Send news! (click here)